Sucessful business with 2-container boxes every month



This customer named Maggie from U.S.A.

At first, she sent many enquiries on Alibaba, but some suppliers marked her to junk enquiry, so that I did not attach importance to her, only with simply reply.

Then she sent a lot of different kinds of pictures to show her demand. After a long term time communication, I knew she is a retailer on E-bay, and need beautiful boxes to packing her products.

So I emphasized our strength, we could help her design artwork and box she wants. She trusted us. Then I was going to make artwork for her after getting her requirements. After many modifies on artworks, we finally finalized a best one she prefers.

The most important step is coming: she did not want to buy 3,000pcs at first time. So we have to check price again, as lower quantity will lead to higher unit price.

After two days considering, she gave responses and decided to place order to us, which because of our best service and patient. According to her descriptions, she said few suppliers could reply her seriously, only us. Therefore, she chooses us.

She got boxes we made and loved them very much, she said she will order again and recommend us to her friends.

In a word, I think the most important is we must regard our every customer, no matter what are they, how large they want. Moreover, we should provide best service we could do for them.


Long tem business from Sally Team



This customer is from Alibaba RFQ market. Our direct customer is a big reseller company. And they have different department according to different market, therefore, their working time is matched ours. This would be much helpful for our communication.

At the beginning, it was person we called A in charge of this project, but he maybe not familiar about chipboard gift box. Therefore, the quotation we offered is wrong and no feedback from customer about 5 days. But we still email him frequently. Then he told us he would leave office and his colleague B will take off his work.

B is more active on sky pe, then we confirmed material, size, box shape and printing both on sky pe and email. After checking what customer need, we offered him a quotation, because he is a reseller, he need to offer overall information to his customer, therefore, he asked us to calculate the weight and volume of each type box which was much bothered for me. But this is the aspect we need to learn.

Sample order has been placed after terminal client confirmed our quotation. But he needed to check sample as soon as possible, and that time was around our National Day Holidays, when freight would be influenced by holiday. But our production department has worked much hard to offered sample before holidays and sent to customer in time. Many thanks to them, team work is really important in every order.

When holiday is gone, we received B?s massage about sample and others. Terminal client is satisfied with sample, but still need to change somewhere. And terminal client with B would come to our factory check all samples before bulk order.

Terminal client was valuing this project much. But the time would be shortly for us to produce all samples, and terminal client?s schedule would not allow this. After discussing, we use plain sample to checking size, shape and material; printing proofs were used to checking printing and surface treatment. The reseller company b oss also came to our factory for double check after terminal client confirmed details. It was really a long and tough time for us to preparing sample in such a short time, thanks a lot for my b oss and all colleagues? efforts. Finally, we made it. But at the payment term, our customer want to 30% deposit in advance; balance before shipment; but after a long time connection, we knew customer very much and we made all things perfectly Therefore, we insist 50% deposit in advance; balance before shipment. We received 50% deposit next day, mass production started and finished soon. Sometimes, insist your mind is good for order.

Customer and terminal client received boxes and gave us a good feedback. Now we are waiting the next order from them. Of course, stay connection is necessary.


Regular order business from Cherry Team




We got inquiry of this client after our CNY Holidays. It only said ? Hello, I would like to get pricing to have our color cartons produced by you. Could someone please contact me?? His name is Dion, graphic designer of an Australian company. Our sales replied him quickly, then got more details of the package with a quantity request of 1000 & 2000. After our first quote, Dion wrote several emails in 8minutes: ask our machine ability, reconfirm printing and material that we quoted, emphasize their quality requirement is very important, also emphasize future repeat orders will be a lot, and check address to send reference sample. Two days later, we got his sample, checked quality and updated our quote again. After several bargaining, we came to a sample order. Our printing and material quality satisfied their team very well.

Soon, the first 2000pcs trail order started, just as we expected, it succeed. Then we surely got a 20ft container order mixed 5 different items. For this order, Dion flied from Australia and stayed in our factory for one week to inspect production. It was a very successful visiting, also they have more confidence in our company.

Then following orders come, from 20ft to 40HQ, from one container each month to 2 or 3 containers one month. Even there were several issues such as shipping and printing in our beginning cooperation, but our good service and also their understanding makes our relationship closer. Now, we have worked with them for about 3 years, they trust us very well, and we also enjoy to do business with them.

Five Years Contract business from Lily Team



It is really an interesting journey for me to know Artem, and support him by flowers tray box.

I still remember the first day I received his inquiry from Alibaba was on March 2015. It?s a super highly quality inquiry with the detailed specification of tray box. Box size, material, printing, quantity(2*40HQ) etc, all details were very clear. It?s seems that I can make him a direct quotation, however I didn?t do that. Why? Cause it?s 10:30PM in China, our quotation team had been off work already. I must reply his inquiry in the first time. That?s the right thing I should do at that time.

To my surprise, Artem answered my email 2 minutes later. (My phone: xxxxxxxx, pls call me.) Oh my god, he told me his phone number directly. I was nearly hysterical, feeling that Artem will be a big customer in my sales career, his tray box will be exactly my cup of tea.

Then I called Artem, expressed our willingness to cooperate with him. Later I added his sky pe, and send our quotation on another day. Another day was coming. I became crazy, send many messages via sky pe, anxiously awaiting his feedback. As saying goes: ?Nothing is impossible for a willing heart.? Unfortunately, he back to me that ?Your price is a little expansive, could you pls give me some discount?? From my heart, It?s really not a bad new. Conversely, it's a good new.

Re the price discount, I got the support from my b oss. Later I sent the special price to Artem. However, he didn?t accept the price directly, still bargain with us. After a few times of bargaining, we finally confirmed the price. It?s a difficult and important step for future cooperation.

Everything goes well in the right direction, caused the good communication start. Later we made satisfying sample boxes for his checking. In the end, we got his approve, he placed big order (2*40HQ) to us no suspense.

Typical Business case from Simon Team




The client impressed me most; we built business with him in May, last year. Why I think it is my most impressed among so many customers.
1. First, I think the client is not reliable from Alibaba, for he sent inquiries to two colleagues in our company. That is to say, he contacted two people at the same time in the same company. Usually, I do not like this kind of client. I think he just want to get the price from suppliers, and have no intention to buy goods.

2. Later, our colleague asks me to follow up this client, so I have to take it seriously. At the first, I misunderstood his demands from his inquiry. I thought he want to order corrugated box. And his details are not clear. In the end, I asked my director for help. In order to clear out what he wants to order, I called him at that night. By discussing a lot, I understood he wanted to order corrugated sheet board, not box.

3. The next step, we quoted for him. He talked us his target price. It obviously we could not accept it at the first time. So that we persuaded the client to place one year volumes to us, then we could give him our cheapest price we could offer. One week later, the client agreed to place half year volume to us, and also accepted our price. Our price is very close to his target price. Therefore, the order is successful.

Sample-Bulk order business from Bonnie Team




The very first inquiry is Please tell me the detail and price about Color box & brown carton packing Box for our lighting brand.? Client's name is Lalit. Our sales Bonnie replied with quotation for some LED Lights packages we?ve ever produced. Then Lalit offered us sizes of boxes he want, and we quoted him very fast. However, no reply from him, after 8 times following-up email from Bonnie, client replied 20 days later, but only required a better price. Then Bonnie applied for some discount from our b oss, and updated to Lalit. However, Lalit disappeared again, and the only thing Bonnie can do is just to send follow emails every 5~7days.

3 months passed, just like a surprise, it happened to send a email and said samples will be sent to us. We got many sample boxes soon, but all these boxes are Lalit's competitors? package. He required us to copy the designs but with their own logo and products pictures. Even total 13 different types, Bonnie and our designer were confident to do it well. Finally they did and it was very successful, and Lalit was very satisfied with our job as well. Undoubtedly, full container mass order placed soon. Payment, production, shipment and delivery all goes very well. Clients received our goods on March, and spoke highly of us. We are looking forward to next order soon.

Our other clients



1. A client from Italy: Things are great here, your six packs are a great tool to sell out beer into.People really like them. 
2. A client from America: You did a fantastic job with them! I would love to do business with you again in the future.
3. A client from United Kingdom: I received the box in very goof shape, everything was perfect, you did a really great job. 
4. A client from America: No worries.....all is great!  Everything is fine.  Do want you need to do with your other customer.  I will be ordering again from you!  YOU are terrific!!!
5. A client from Canada: I have to thank you very much for your great service.I will do all boxes in glossy Varnish.And I will trust your recommendation. Thank you again and please go forward with everything.
6. A client from Australia: I have recieved cartons. Thanks for my gift. You are very kind. And I like your business card.
7. A client from New Zealand: Thanks for your help.




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